We understand the power of ‘Word of Mouth’ and we want to hear from you. We are here to meet the needs of the community and to help make dealing with cancer a little easier on everyone involved … Feel free to read through some kind words spoken about Moments House below.

“Two weeks ago the second graders, at Lanesboro School, made blankets for the patients at oncology. Our grandson stayed after school, and worked on one. He said, “Maybe Grandpa will get it!” I was telling one of the wonderful chemo nurses about it, and she asked for a description. I told her that it was green and tan, with circles. She watched for it, and gave my husband a blanket today, green and tan, with circles. I sent my grandson a picture of Grandpa and his blanket. YES, THAT’S IT!!! The blanket is warm in many different ways, a gift from a little boy, hand made, for his Grandpa.”

“Every day is a celebration when you survive! Thank u for all you do Danielle Trumbull & Alice Trumbull!” – Suzanne

“I’ve been helping my sister in law try and deal with her fathers diagnosis (again). He beat lung cancer once already. I told her and the family about Moments House. They said BHO handed them a pamphlet as well. I will bring her in as soon as she’s ready. You and your mom are my angels! You helped me to overcome! December was a huge breakthrough for me now I love coming to Moments House!” – Barbara

“THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you do. The Moments House is such a wonderful asset to our community!” – Ginger

“You guys have really made Moments House a very popular place… it’s very exciting and inspiring!” – Tammy

“Absolutely the best place in town!!!! you will not find kinder, more peaceful, loving folks supporting each other then here…. thanks for giving us all a home to go through life….. you guys are great!!!” – Mona

“Moments House is a wonderful idea. Cancer is a vicious disease.” – Gail

“What a great idea, we all know someone who has cancer. Please consider helping support any of there fundraisers.” – Monique

“Moments House was right there for her, and gave her a chance to help others, even when she was so sick. God bless you Alice and Danielle, for all you do. XO” – Marie

“I just wanted to say you guys are doing a wonderful job at moments house keep up the good work!” – John

“SO happy to see that you are achieving the successes you set out for! Keep up the good work!” – April

“This is a wonderful place for families to go to relax, for information and have fun. Great programs and great people.” – Kathy

“Our THANKS go out to Moments House for all you have provided to Berkshire County Community in only a years time.” – Berkshire Travel Group

Want to share your own? Email us at info@momentshouse.org

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